Jenny Proehl-Day
for Tulsa County
District Attorney



It's time for a NEW DAY in Tulsa County!

Meet Jenny Proehl-Day - Candidate for Tulsa County District Attorney

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Jenny Proehl-Day's view on criminal justice is simple; ending mass incarceration can effect change for the safety and future prosperity for residents in every city in Tulsa County.

As District Attorney of Tulsa County, we can focus on meaningful ways to resourcefully and responsibly match the punishment with the crime to reduce unnecessary incarcerations that have a widespread impact on families, other government agencies, and the economy as a whole.

The purpose of the District Attorney's office is the reduction of crime. Currently, too much time, money, and energy is being spent putting the wrong people in prison.

Fast Fact: According to Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform, in 2017, 77% of people admitted to prison in Oklahoma were sentenced for nonviolent crimes. 

Our current system assumes an arrest should lead to a charge, a charge should lead to a conviction and/or incarceration, and this is how we view justice. This system is not working.

Proehl-Day's Vision & Approach for Reform

Through collaborative efforts with area agencies and realignment of current resources, Tulsa County can introduce true criminal reform initiatives that benefit the safety, security, and well-being without being soft on violent crime.

This is a win-win option that reduces violent offenders on our street while providing reform options for minor offenses that currently clog the court system and create a cycle of crime and poverty.


Support the Campaign

Join Jenny in changing the status quo in Tulsa County. Get involved by donating to the campaign, attending an upcoming event, or volunteering to spread the word. Your involvement can help create a better Tulsa County today and the future!

“When you spend more to incarcerate than to educate, you have a problem.” - Jenny Proehl-Day


Oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States. The high cost of a prison system that is bursting at the seams comes with a ripple effect across our economy. When a state spends more on inmates than on students, it is time to take a stand to finding better ways to manage criminal charges without sacrificing citizen safety.

Learn more about the stats and figures of criminal justice reform.


Reducing crime in Tulsa County requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach between the District Attorney's office and community programs. Jenny will work with the citizens and community leaders to develop new  and unique ways to combat our rising crime rates, drug and alcohol addiction, and dealing with the mental health epidemic plaguing our community. 

Learn more about Jenny's approach to unify communities across Tulsa County for the future prosperity of all citizens. 


True reform happens when all departments can work together cohesively for the greater safety of Tulsa County citizens. It is important we begin to heal these relationships and remember we share a common goal; which is to protect and serve Tulsa County.  

Learn how Jenny plans to work with local police agencies to improve relations for a safer Tulsa County.


Standing together for the families
and citizens of Tulsa County

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Being smart on crime is not being soft on crime.

- Jenny Proehl-Day